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Faster Than Tuning A Guitar

We all had been looking forward to the Saturday show event to be held on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Our longing for the event was almost cut short, was it not for the Los Angeles car window repair company GlassNet saving our day! Let me start our band story from the beginning. Our band had to drive 210 miles to the event so we had to start our preparations early by ensuring that we fill the car tank to the brim and carry a spare tire just in case of a puncture. Our band had been chosen as the curtain-raiser for the event with one of our famous hit songs. That meant being there as early as 6:30 pm, an hour before the official starting time.

Derrick, my fellow band member, was in the driver’s seat happily driving at a normal speed. I sat in the passenger seat changing channels on the car radio and ensuring that the rest of the five band members in the back seats were in a jolly mood. As we cruised on the highway, a rock suddenly flew up from under the tire of an ongoing vehicle and hit our windshield. In an instant, it caused a huge crack in the windshield and our trip was officially side tracked. The band members were all worried about being late to the event. Another worry was that, replacing a new windshield will cost the band roughly $400 to $500, including a long time of labor work. Also, the windshield would be prone to leaks especially if it is sealed badly.

glass-repair-expertTom, another member of our band, quickly made a call to GlassNet, the Los Angeles car window repair services. He gave the customer care representative all the details of the damage and our location. In about 15 minutes, personnel from GlassNet Los Angeles had come to our rescue; fully equipped with all the tools to fit a new windshield. We were not only impressed by the punctual arrival of the mechanic from the glass company, but also the way he quickly installed a new windshield in a faster way than tuning a guitar! Our faces were filled with the expression of amazement. We were mesmerized at how a complex thing can be fixed single-handedly in a matter of seconds.

The expert installed the windshield in a professional manner. In no time, we were back on track, singing joyfully a song that we came up with in our heads about the window repair service we just received and praising the mechanic for quickly repairing our problem. It was a hilarious moment and in no time we were at the event venue as though nothing had happened.

Our band was certainly impressed by GlassNet and we would use it again. The price was satisfactory and no one complained because it was worth the every penny. The company’s expert was very pleasant to deal with and accommodating. We would definitely recommend the company to anyone who would be in a similar dilemma as ours.