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Committing To A Band Means Living Together

We all reach a point where we want a change in our lives. For me, that change came when the band got serious a couple years back. I was moving out of my home and moving in with the band.
The decision to move-out was easy, but what I was absolutely dreading was cleaning the place. With my tight schedule, I wasn’t up to the task. I needed a quick fix to my cleaning issue. So I decided to hire a professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne company.

With immediate help from my band members, we started evaluating different companies that offered end of lease cleaning service in Melbourne. It wasn’t an easy task since we were not receiving the expected response of information and professionalism. It was total frustration.

It was not until we were about to give up when we made the call to High Power Cleaning Service. Unlike others companies we had contacted earlier, this company responded with a warm and professional, yet friendly tone. They explained to us in detail and with preciseness about their service. And so, they became our perfect candidate for the job.

Here is what we learned from them;

  • The company was thorough in their work. They cleaned the kitchen, my three rooms, bathroom, outdoor areas and what was even impressive they did not leave out any minute details like carpet, door, mirrors, cobwebs, etc. My lease agent was very impressed with their job. In fact, he asked their contact to recommend them to their moving out clients.
  • They were very conscious of my belongings. My instruments and all my gear were completely unharmed.
  • They are professionals.  Their conduct from signing the contract, execution of the job to even completion of the contract was a breeze. They surpassed our expectations.
  • The company is incredibly affordable. For only $ 199 we were able to meet my huge task.

This is my go-to end of lease cleaning Melbourne company. My advice to you right now, don’t just go for any cleaning service, investigate to check if they meet your demands. And call High Power Cleaning Service first.