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TMJD And Its Effects | From A Musicians Perspective

Tempro-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction damages many lifestyles and paralyzes daily life operations. As for an artist, this dysfunction had paralyzed his career but thanks to the  TMJD Long Beach CA Dentist — Dr. Stephen Coates offering this type of service.

TMJD Long Beach CA

TMJD in a Nutshell

Basically, Tempro-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction or TMJD is a disease which affects the jaw, some facial muscles, and the head as well. Symptoms of this terrible dysfunction include jaw pain in different degrees, severe headaches, a ringing sensation in the ear and grinding teeth. With this physical manifestation of the joint dysfunction, concentration is hardly possible and even the simple task of showing facial expressions and talking is made tedious.

From a Musician’s Perspective

As the one providing music for leisure, entertainment and for a living, TMJD is a paralyzing factor for the best performance you want to give to your listeners and audience. Since moving a facial muscle is difficult, you find it hard to speak, let alone sing in the desired tune or key. Aside from that, the ringing sensation in your ear will hardly give you the capability to listen to your own music and even concentrate on hearing that particular music. Headaches and jaw pains are also hindrances for even the mere act of getting out of bed and getting out of your bed and your house, disabling you to attend any gig and performances.

For this reason, TMJD is considered one of the most terrible diseases that could ruin an artist’s career.

The Clinic Dealing with TMJD

Fortunately, for those suffering from TMJD, there is one clinic in Orange County which can provide surgery-free procedures and comprehensive consultation for the said dysfunction. With their state-of-of-the-art facilities and the advanced technology, partnered with the skilled professionals, you are guaranteed to get rid of the pain that TMJD is giving you and perform your best as a musician. As a matter of fact, many musicians have availed services from this clinic and have gotten the best results and have let out the best in them in their field.