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Marketing The Music Industry | Benefits Of A Heavy Duty Printer

The music industry has been undergoing several changes in the past few and it now relies heavily on online promotional gigs rather than the old print media. According to Forbes more than 80% of the marketing involves website marketing, music sites, social media, videos and use of mailing lists. The use of print marketing, although decreasing, still forms an important part of music promotions. Innovations such as the HP designjet HD Pro go a long way to support it. This device has full color capabilities and a very fast printing speed. It scans a black and white image at 13 inches per second and a full color image at 6 inches per second which is no small achievement.


As more and more artists keep making their entry into the music industry, the creativity and the entrepreneur capabilities have increased several folds. Both live music and digitally recorded music is a rage with the fans. Online audio releases video promotions ensures instant release of the new music albums and do not rely on the time taken for the CDs and DVDs to reach the stores.

The digital publicity campaign begins with the usual printing of posters, flyers, T shirts and other merchandise. Post card printing and mailing used to be a common marketing technique but now its use is declining. Catchy billboards at the subways, shopping malls and eating joints however continue to flourish. HP designjet HD Pro printer with its vivid colors and fast speed is an ideal scanner for printing large posters. This 42 inch printer stands 59 inches wide, 54 inches long and 28 inches tall weighing 157 pounds. Its heavy weight makes it less portable but the ease of email and faxing presentations take care of that. It has 15.6 inch color screen to fill out the commands and has three levels of height adjustment.

The promotional posters for the new album are the mainstay of the marketing campaign. A poster is supposed to draw a customer into instant attention and raises interest. The brilliance of color, the contrast, catching headlines and background all draw attention. The HP designjet HD pro printer does exactly this. With its wide format printing and crystal clear imaging it is ideal for poster printing. The connectivity options for this printer include USB and Ethernet support, however cloud capabilities are lacking. Flyers and handouts are essential for street marketing. The flyers should be colorful, with clear message and this printer scanner does exactly that.

The online capabilities of HP designjet HD Pro include, fax, email and networks. The work can be saved online and easily shared across different platforms. It supports multiple file formats including PDF, JPG, JPEG and many others and can even use batch scanning. The multi format printer which has been exclusively designed for professionals, produce images that do not fade with top class quality.